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Helping you find the best source of unpaid traffic because Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, is still the best source of organic traffic over time on Google's ever changing algorithm

Google is super advanced in pattern detection.
Google cannot see your website’s beautiful design. Instead, it uses its advanced pattern detection to rank your site.

Patterns are different to trends – no trend can give you what the unique pattern for your business will produce. 

Each business should seek to find a customised solution to get to where they’re going.

It’s never too early or late to develop your unique roadmap.

Need help with branding?
I’ll help you
customise your branding and solidify your brand consistently across all your platforms. 

SEO is your road map - know where You're going

Search Engine Strategy

Having a vision for where you’re headed is the equivalent to asking a child what they want to be when they grow up.

Get specific on what it is that you what your website to be known for.

This is your road map to get to where you’re going. Including making allowances for detours and roadblocks along the way.

Plans, processes and procedures to optimise your site to help make sure that your websites pattern is relevant and shows up when your clients search for what they’re looking for on Google.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Align both the big picture vision and the digital user experience process in order to expose solutions.

Communicate, and if necessary use words.

Explore all your design options. Use only those that pertain to your priorities.

Time is your currency here. 

Understand what your options are when it comes to purchasing:
a domain name;
a shopping cart if needed;
or a Content Management System such as WordPress.

You have a choice.
Understand that you can do this on your own OR have it done for you.

Understand what you need vs what you think think you need.

Understand the levels/degrees of web management so that you can decide if you need/want to manage it yourself or decide which areas you would like to have managed for you. It’s totally up to you.

Only pay a 3rd party for a service that you need, not the ones you don’t.

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